Friday, May 16, 2014

Important questions: What the hell is that?

Several people have asked us about the new ad or whatever that arrived on the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue and East 10th Street this week. Like, what is it for?

We have no idea!

But people seem to be noticing it. We spotted five different people taking a photo of the ad while we were standing there yesterday for a minute.

Anyway, just enjoy it! One of these days, something tall and glassy will likely be standing on this corner.


Mystery solved here.


pinhead said...

I tried nude jellyfish sniffing once...Less fun than it looks.

Gojira said...

Ha ha haaa, pinhead! That's exactly what I thought when I first saw it, huffing jellyfish!

Crazy Eddie said...

That’s a Man of War, sting you whole.

Pinhead's right, it just goes to show you that there is a fetish for everyone.