Friday, May 16, 2014


[Photo by Francois Portmann]

Here are a few of the latest incredible photos that Francois Portmann has posted from the nest cam up on the Christodora House … where Christo and Dora's chicks hatched this past week.

The red-tailed hawk parents have also assembled quite a feast for the family — there are at least four dead rats stored in the nest. (Shouldn't that be refrigerated?)



Thank you to Goggla, who has been chronicling the activity here from Day 1. Head over there to find out where exactly the hawks have been discarding the rat carcasses ... as well as other habits of the new parents.

And find more hawk photos at Francois's photography site here.

Also, check out these hawk photos and video from the Christodora at the Urban Hawks website.

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The baby hawks are becoming quite an attraction... here's a fellow Christodora House resident checking out the action...

[Photo Saturday by Bobby Williams]

Updated 11:16 a.m.

Francois has posted this video!


pinhead said...

TSP Rats: A blur of feathers and talons will soon rain horror from the skies. Prepare.

Anonymous said...

5 rats down 5 million to go. Congrats on the triplets.

marjorie said...

truly fabulous photos.

Gojira said...

Aaaaaaah! Cute fluffball overload! Must. Have. More! Thanks, Grieve and Goggla!

Crazy Eddie said...

Great story, great shots, thanks to all.

Anonymous said...

this kind of bloggage is what makes evgrieve so great!

and a special thanks to francois and goggla for the timely updates.


Anonymous said...

you can clearly see which is the dominant chick and you can see 2 of them ganging up on the smallest one (which I think was the last to hatch) and not allowing it to eat. Unfortunately that one has no shot at surviving but always happens in nature with birds of prey.

Anonymous said...

Annon 11:46 why must you be such a Debby Downer?

Anonymous said...

11:46AM, stating that the smallest chick has "no shot" of surviving is absolutely premature and ludicrous.

The parents have a vested interest in ensuring all the chicks (eyasses technically) get fed and they WILL feed the smallest hatchling regularly.

Yes, the bigger siblings will try to push their way to the food first but guaranteed the mother will reach past them in order to feed the smallest one.


Fipper said...

It's not like there's not enough food to go around...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so glad we have an abundance of Tompkins Sq Rat to feed this family!