Thursday, March 19, 2015

B.A.D. Burger says goodbye on Avenue A

The State of New York auctioned off the remains of B.A.D. Burger at 171 Avenue A near East 11th Street last Thursday… as previously noted, the State seized the restaurant for nonpayment of taxes back in early February

Now there's a sign up on the front saying goodbye … and pointing diners to their Williamsburg location...

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

B.A.D. Burger opened here in late 2011.

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[Updated] State seizes B.A.D. Burger on Avenue A for nonpayment of taxes

State of New York auctioning off the remains of B.A.D. Burger on Avenue A


Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Their burgers tasted like bricks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, if you need money why not let some of the bands on your old record label buy back their song publishing rights from you?

Anonymous said...

They should have called themselves Good Burger. I bet they would have done better.