Monday, December 14, 2015

Filling up: the status of 2 former East Village gas stations

You probably noticed those support poles arrive late last week on Second Avenue and East First Street...

... for the new construction fence to surround the parcel of land that was, until July 2014, a BP station.

As for what's coming next... as previously reported, there are approved plans to erect a 10-story building with 31 residences and ground-floor retail.

Here is the rendering that we saw for the new building... via the website for mortgage lender Ladder Capital, who provided a bridge loan for the project...

While this project steams ahead, another parcel of land that housed a gas station earmarked for development is seemingly stalled ... as the 9-story building in the works at 11 Avenue C/251 E. Second St. at the site of the former Mobil remains on hold. As we pointed out this past summer, nothing seems to be happening with that new building application, which the DOB rejected in April 2014 for incomplete drawings, per city records.

Right now the former Mobil station, which closed in September 2014, is making for a nice parking lot...

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, nooooo.. I hate that kind of sidewalk bridge. I understand they're a necessary evil but damn, they are so ugly and horrible to walk under.

Anonymous said...

miss those stations and their glow