Monday, March 13, 2017

Mexican restaurant eyeing the former Babel space on Avenue C

We've taken a look at a few items on tonight's CB3-SLA committee meeting agenda (Ciala ... and the "upscale modern Indian cuisine" at the current L'Apicio space.)

One item of interest is no longer on the agenda. There was an applicant for the combo space at 129-131 Avenue C between Eighth Street and Ninth Street...

This was home to Babel Lounge until recently... the Marshal seized the space last month...

The notice form (PDF) on the CB3 website for this applicant shows a "Mexican restaurant with a cocktail bar" vying for the address. The applicant's name is William Aporih, who has been involved with the high-end bars at places such as Abajo and the Jimmy (and Yerba Buena on Avenue A).

In any event, perhaps this item will return on a future CB3 docket. As previously noted, a cancellation is a fairly frequent occurrence ... generally because information or paperwork is not finalized or negotiations with the landlord are not finalized to point where the applicant is ready to appear before the committee.

Babel, not always popular with neighbors, expanded into the former Duke's space in 2012.

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