Thursday, April 13, 2017

Baron's Dim Sum slated for 6th Street

Coming soon to 518 Sixth St.: Baron's Dim Sum. The signage arrived this week here between Avenue A and Avenue B ... a few storefronts away from Josie's.

We don't know any more about the operation other than what's on the sign. Perhaps it will be a good, inexpensive to-go option.

On this topic of dim sum and dumplings, I've found the food at Carma East, which opened back in September, to be solid. Never eaten in the dining room, just had it to go or delivered.

As for No. 518, it was last home to a psychic... and an organic dry cleaner/cafe.


Anonymous said...

"Solid" is far too much praise for Carma East - their food is awful. There's a place called Chinatown that has lots of "solid" dim sum options.

KeyFood4Eva said...

Meh, Carma looks like Shanghai style dim sum, I much prefer Cantonese style.

Anonymous said...

I like the sign. Nice, classic NY, no gimmicks.


I can't wait to try their world famous bubble tea on a stick!

East Village Eats said...

Anyone know if they have a website or menu online? Haven't been able to find either.