Sunday, May 12, 2019

Peter Brant and the legacy of Basquiat

[EVG photo from March]

Tomorrow (May 13) is the last day for the Basquiat exhibit at the Brant Foundation on Sixth Street.

On this occasion, J. Faith Almiron contributes an essay — titled "No One Owns Basquiat, Not Even Peter Brant" — to Hyperallergic that explores how Brant "has cogently influenced the legacy of Basquiat on several fronts."

And there are thoughts on the exhibit, which features some 70 works collectively valued at $1 billion:

Without guiding text or a road map, laypeople may feel disoriented or find the space aloof. On the top floor, there is a skylight that brings in natural luminosity against the artwork. If you follow it, the rooftop offers a panoramic view of the city.

Although it belies any pedagogical purpose characteristic of civic institutes like public museums, the bare presentation does not detract from the ethos and impact of the artwork. For example, the second-floor stuns with a wall of paintings framed on signature canvas stretchers innovated by former assistant Stephen Torton, from floor to high-vaulted ceilings.


Beyond the high volume and overwhelming demand, Basquiat exhibitions diversify the demography of its attendees. Unlike any other artist before or since, Basquiat invites everybody into the museum — art nerds, hip-hop heads, immigrant kids, post-colonial ex-pats, rebels young and old, everyday Black and Brown folk, thirsty celebrities, and indeed rich white people too. Basquiat hails you to revel in his glorious defiance, then take a piss on the walls of an oppressor.

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Anonymous said...

come on...Basquiat? Really? Sort of an art hoax. Just the incoherent rantings of a tortured soul obsessed with drugs and a deluded quest for acknowledgment, which he did achieve. Doesn't make it good.

Anonymous said...

Everyone’s a critic, except for when they're looking in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure someone said the same things about Vincent Van Gogh

Anonymous said...

I attended the exhibit and enjoyed the art as well as the space. I hope they have a new exhibition soon.

Carol from East 5th Street said...

Saw the exhibit without being familiar with the artist. I was blown away by his genius and had to come back for a second viewing. He leaves Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Julian Schnabel and many other modern artists in the dust.

XTC said...

@3:28 pm

Exactly. Delusional drug addict makes neo-primitive cartoons. Money grubbing art gallerists crank up the hype machine. Public sucks it up. Billionaires cash in.

and this, "Basquiat hails you to revel in his glorious defiance, then take a piss on the walls of an oppressor." Yeah, that's really sticking it to the man! You go bro!

Anonymous said...

I really liked what they did with that building which was an old Con Edison power sub-station which was abandoned for years. They really did a nice job on the interior I was very impressed with it.