Thursday, December 12, 2019

Behold this festive DIY Christmas wreath on 7th Street made from parking tickets

What a way to add a little cheer to any car windshield this holiday season!

EVG reader Sylvia G. spotted this Christmas wreath, which someone fashioned together using various parking tickets along with some green ribbon, earlier this week on Seventh Street near Avenue C. She later saw it on another car between Avenue C and Avenue D.

There was a theory about where the parking tickets came from on Seventh Street, though they appear to have been written out to different vehicle owners.


Anonymous said...

Somebody telling parking enforcement where they can (s)tickit?

Anonymous said...


Eden Bee said...

Way better than a banana taped to a wall!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the people whose windshields these were confiscated from will be all too happy. Probably by the time they receive a copy in the mail the fine will be higher for not paying by a specified date. I know I would be pissed