Sunday, December 22, 2019

Week in Grieview

[Photo outside Veniero's by Lola Sáenz]

A holiday night to remember a loved one at Dress Shoppe II on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday)

New Citi Bike station arrives on 1st Avenue (Monday)

The Associated has closed on 14th Street (Monday)

Hit sandwich connoisseurs Foxface opening a new venture in the former Harry & Ida's space on Avenue A (Wednesday)

Gallery moving into doomed 4th Street restaurant space (Friday)

The Trash Bags rock Union Square station (Friday)

Fat Cat Kitchen closes on 14th Street (Wednesday)

Red Gate Bakery opens its gates today on 1st Street (Thursday)

Merry ChristmASS from Rite Aid on 1st Avenue (Friday)

MulchFest 2020! (Tuesday)

Land of Buddha, a Himalayan gift shop, taking over the former St. Mark's Comics (Tuesday)

Tenants call out Madison Realty Capital: Stop warehousing rent-regulated apartments (Friday)

These were the top reads from East Village libraries in 2019 (Friday)

You've got that Lovenburg feeling (Tuesday)

Hakata Zen is (almost) back on St. Mark's Place (Monday)

Le Sia remains closed for renovations on 7th Street (Tuesday)

A few scenes from the snow squall (Wednesday)

28 years of Unsilent Night and making 'beautiful music in the street' (Tuesday)

Santa fires up Christmas on 2nd Street (Wednesday) ... Christmas spirit at the 9th Precinct (Monday)

The Pure Green space is for rent on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday)

Joe's Steam Rice Roll back open on St. Mark's Place (Monday)

SantaCon came to town. Again. (Sunday)

... and yesterday, Dec. 21, marked the 12th anniversary of this website, which started with this post...

And so, 30,595 posts later... thank you to everyone who has followed along, shared comments and tips, commiserated over a lost business or remembered a neighbor who left too soon... A special thanks to the site's many contributors, especially Stacie Joy, Steven and Derek Berg.


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bruce said...

Happy anniversary, Grieve! You and the site are indispensable to the neighborhood. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

EV, I’m so grateful that you’re blogging for our neighborhood. Your taste and perspective are broad but impeccable and you add immeasurably to the sense of neighborhood for those of us who live here. It must be a lot of time and effort but please keep it up! We need you more than ever. Best wishes, An Anonymous Fan

DrBOP said...

Word on the street is there's a huge party tonight at a pop-up EVGHqtrs over at Pier2 Roller bar/pot-shoppe....banks of video/social media terminals....catered by Ray's....there's even going to be a Rent-A-Zoltar.....however, not everyone is happy it's being held across 'da rivah. But listen, you don't want to miss EVG's throwback roller outfit (word is he's pullin' out the tutu and parasol!) featuring the original neon-flashing roller skates (waaayyyy before Prince!).
Latest rumor is that there's going to be a hologram of Joe Strummer, Adam Yauch and Joey Ramone jammin' on "Don't Beleve In Xmas".
Shuttle buses begin leaving Tompkins Park (SE Corner) at 10pm. Be there....or be nowhere.

Gracias for ALL that you do EVG. Such a mensch.
But more colored arrows would be better!

Merry Impeachmas everyone!
(Kudos to FlamingPablum for phrase.)

Laura Goggin said...

Happy anniversary Grieve! Your site is indispensable and holds this neighborhood together. Best wishes for the new year.

Bayou said...

EVG without you we're nothing. Know we're out here reading all the time!

stephen b said...

Congratulations, Thanks for being the first page I go to every morning!

Choresh Wald said...

Happy anniversary!
Here’s to many major more years!

Jose Garcia said...

Thank you, kind Sir, for all you do for all of us. Congratulations and happy holidays. xo, jg

Greg Masters said...

Thank you for your service to and efforts for the neighborhood. Indispensable's the word!

Giovanni said...

As every blogger knows, the first 30,595 posts are the hardest, and the next 30,595 posts practically write
themselves. So enjoy your new life living on Easy Street, EV Grieve. and thanks for all your great work.

As we enter a new decade, it’s hard to imagine all of the dramatic changes that are coming to this neighborhood in the next decade . The one good thing that we can count in is that EV Grieve will be there to help get us through it

Gojira said...

You make this neighborhood livable. You give this neighborhood a sense of community. To know that there are others out there whom I have never met, and know only through this site, who feel the same as I do about the monumental upheavals we are all living through, makes it far more bearable. Thanks for your unstinting efforts to keep us informed, amused, and outraged. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and yours, Grieve.

Anonymous said...

I have learned and continue to learn, so much about my neighborhood, the East Village, from YOU!!!Thank you, EV Grieve!!!

Lola Sáenz said...

Congratulations EV Grieve You are the Best!! Life would not be the same without YOU and this Amazing blog and the fellow readers and the interesting stories and comments, Its quit entertaining! And as much as the East Village seems like its dying with all the store fronts closing, you keep it Alive! And for that WE are Grateful and we remain Hopeful that the EV stays vibrant and colorful and all this emptiness too, shall pass. Thank so much for posting some of my photos threw out the year. #lovethegrieve Lola

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog is the best.

Anonymous said...

Love and respect you Mr. EVG, neighborhood treasure.

La vie est belle said...

I second what everyone said. Thanks for all the hard work that you do EVG! You are a big part of what makes us a community- keeping memories alive by sharing stories. We are grateful for you.

sophocles said...

EV Grieve does it right. I appreciate the opinions, whether I agree, disagree, or just don't know. We walk the land but live in the clouds? Agree that the EV has been radically shifting beneath our feet and there is more shifting to come. I will be keeping abreast from afar.

EVQP said...

I third what everyone says + happy anniversary, merry Christmas, and here's to as happy a 2020 as we can possibly manage!

EV Grieve said...

Thank you all for the kind words and readership through the years! Happy holidays and a healthy 2020 ...