Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gone but not forgotten

Remembering a few of our friends and neighbors who died in 2019...

Tim Schellenbaum

Steven Cannon

[Image via Facebook]

Unkle Waltie

[Photo by Steven]

Ron Edgecombe

[Photo via Facebook]

Susan Leelike

Purushottam Goyal

[Photo by Steven]

Gigi Watson

[Photo by James Maher]

Felicia Mahmood

Lucien Bahaj

[Photo courtesy of Clayton Patterson]

Jonas Mekas

[Image via Facebook]

Joe Overstreet

[Image via legacy.com]

Leslie Sternbergh Alexander

[Leslie Sternbergh Alexander and Adam Alexander]

Brendan Cregan

[Image via Facebook]

Chaim Joseph

Brian Butterick/Hattie Hathaway

[Photo by Stacie Joy]


Others with ties to the neighborhood who died this past year include Robert Frank ... John Giorno ... Paul Krassner... and Robert Ogden.

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Anonymous said...

RIP bright souls! happy new year all, and best 2020 to you, ev grieve!