Thursday, December 19, 2019

Details on the 9th Precinct's last 2 Build the Block public meetings for 2019

The 9th Precinct is hosting the last two Build the Block Sector meetings for the year tonight and tomorrow night for East Village residents and business owners.

The Sector D meeting is tonight (Thursday) at 6 at the 14th Street Y, 344 E. 14th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. (Sector D encompasses the north side of Seventh Street to 14th Street, from the west side of First Avenue to Broadway...)

The Sector C meeting is tomorrow (Friday!) evening at 5:30 at Middle Collegiate Church, 50 E. Seventh St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. (Sector C encompasses the south side of Seventh Street to East Houston, from the west side of First Avenue to Broadway...)

Use this link to find out what Sector you're in for sure, and what meeting you should attend. Find the sectors and the responsible officers here.

The Sector meetings are an opportunity for residents and business owners to voice grievances or concerns with issues in and around the neighborhood. This is part of the NYPD's initiative called the Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) program. The 9th Precinct is split up into four sectors, with two officers assigned to each sector.


hywel dda said...

The "Sector" link is a typical NYC Gov joke. Has anyone actually clicked on it? You get a map of ALL the sectors in NYC. Enlarging the "East Village" map shows you the 4 sectors outlined but NONE of them are LABELED "A", "B', "C" or"D"! What's the point?

Anonymous said...

Being in Sector D, it would have been nice to know about this prior to the day-of. And maybe they could have scheduled it when most people aren't under time-pressure, running around getting holiday-related tasks done, etc.

But I guess it holds down attendance...

EV Grieve said...

The 9th Precinct shared this meeting info with me (and several other local media outlets) on Dec. 13. I'll post the information sooner in the future. They also post meeting flyers @NYPD9Pct.