Friday, December 13, 2019

'Go home Santa'

[Photo by Steven]

This sign is on the front door at dba on First Avenue between Second Street and Third Street ahead of SantaCon tomorrow.

The copy underneath a naked Santa (with seemingly ambiguous genitalia) reads:

It might be hard to realize with your super awesome santa hat on,

but try and understand:

Manhattan isn't a sprawling playground

built for your exclusive right to visit once a year

and puke and/or piss all over our homes and businesses.

That said, SantaCon is annually overrun with terrifying predators.

If you find yourself feeling unwell and in need of help please come in

and we will make sure you are safe, comfortable, hydrated, and have a way home.

dba loves you, always.

It's not immediately clear who the invitation inside is for: People fleeing SantaCon? SantaConners who may have had too much to drink ... or maybe SantaConners feeling creeped out by other SantaConners?

The dba Instagram account makes it more clear: No Santas, period...

SantaCon begins tomorrow in Times Square ... aside from bars in that area, as well as Midtown East and Murray Hill, more than a dozen East Village bars are officially participating. Find the list here. We'll do a separate post later listing the local bars taking part.


tom said...

I guess we should film these drunk santacon santas when they pee or puke on our property. And call the police after.

Anonymous said...

The Santa depiction is a character from a "Rick and Morty" episode. Not that that matters any, just recognized the drawring. Good on dba, good to see at least one bar standing with their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

maybe don't attempt to make anti-Santacon flyers when you yourself are drunk

Anonymous said...

Santa has quite the pot belly. He needs to hit the gym!

Anonymous said...

confusing mixed message

Anonymous said...

Good on dba! Wish there were more local places that were stridently and overtly telling people to [literally] stop pissing on our neighborhood.