Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Holidays in the East Village (part 1)

[Exit9, Avenue A]

EVG contributor Stacie Joy shared these holiday scenes from around the neighborhood... (and look for more photos tomorrow — Dec. 25!) Happy holidays from EVG...

[Elsie Flores at the Andrew Glover Youth Center, Avenue B]

[Casey Rubber Stamps, 11th Street]

[ChaShaMa popup Pawn Shop, Avenue A]

[Club Cumming, 6th Street]

[Duane Reade, 2nd and B]

[Rossy at Rossy’s Bakery, 3rd Street]

[Two Boots, Avenue A]

[Nowhere Bar queer arts holiday fair, 14th Street]

[Con Ed lobby, 14th and Irving]

[Lancelotti, Avenue A]

[Amaryllis making poinsettia at the LES Girls Club]

[The Odessa, Avenue A]

[Crimson Kitty and Lacy Stoner at Hetrick-Martin Institute's holiday party, Astor Place]

[Otto's Shrunken Head, 14th Street]

[Hamilton Fish recreation center, East Houston]

[Flower Power, 9th Street]

[Santa, 14th and 1st]

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Anonymous said...

fantastic Holiday roundup... Happy Holidays to All

sophocles said...

You've outdone yourself!

elyse said...

These photos are fantastic. It should be a yearly tradition!
Thanks EV for another fantastic year of your blog. Can't wait for the next one. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this — I’m away visiting family and it makes me feel good to see the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

that Stacy gets around better than Santa's elves! whoohoo!

Karen said...

Thanks. Very nice.