Monday, December 16, 2019

Monday's parting shots

The city has dumped a lot of salt on the streets ahead of the mixed precipitation (aka sleet) that we're expecting overnight... Vinny & O noted the salt mines on Avenue A and Avenue B this evening...

Our radar imagery is currently showing more steady precipitation, which will become widespread across the East Village late this evening into overnight.

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Anonymous said...

So they were expecting an ice storm, and I guess the NYDS thought this was a good thing to do, but they neglected to understand that dumping this much salt on the highways created a salt cloud that got sucked into the ventilation systems of all the cars on the highway. I drove through it, and my eyes were burning and my mouth felt like I had just eaten 4 bags of pretzels. The salt was still in the cars vent system the next day. Haven't these idiots ever heard of BRINE.