Tuesday, September 18, 2012

David Schwimmer's brick job

Nearly two months have passed since we last looked at 331 E. Sixth St., the new home for David Schwimmer or at least someone who looks and sounds like him.

It's tough to make out what's happening under the construction netting... But!

You can see the single-family mansion's brick facade taking shape...


Photos by Bobby Williams.


nygrump said...

They did pay $50 to renew their reserved parking spaces out front until Oct 1st or so...it is another subsidy the residents have to pay for this project - the loss of the parking spaces for a year as well as the revenue the city loses.

glamma said...

Screw you Schwimmer. Like you screwed us.
East Village magnificence is based on grassroots organizing, power to the people, cultural progression, and political activism - NOT SPOILED BRAT RICH ACTORS WHO DO WHATEVER THEY CAN TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL LIKE THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THEM.
You are not welcome here, and we will never regain the architectural treasure you destroyed like the greedy, hollow brat you obviously are.

ps - Friends SUCKED!

What ELSE will you be involved in to destroy the integrity of NYC???

Anonymous said...

I think the brick is lovely, and much prettier than the squat drab building was there before

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the East Village is worse this time this year than it was this time last year? It really seems the people on the streets at night are loud, drunk, suburbanites, disgusting fraternity types (except I think htey live here too) ... this just hit me ... either I blacked it out from last year, or it is really over for EV :(