Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bleecker Bob's still looking to move to the East Village

Back in January, we first heard the news via our friend Ken Mac at Greenwich Village Daily Photo that venerable Bleecker Bob's Records was closing on West Third Street... And after the usual Starbucks-Subway rumors ... it turned out that the store would move — possibly to the East Village. And the hunt for a space was on... But we haven't heard anything about a possible move since March.

The store posted this update on its Facebook page:

still looking at retail spaces in the east village.
really hoping for an Oct 1 reopening somewhere, we'll stay at 118 West 3rd until we either (a) find a good new rent deal or (b)are forced to leave by the current landlord. STAY TUNED!!!

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[UPDATED] Let's help Bleecker Bob's find space in the East Village

Bleecker Bob's is for rent


Anonymous said...

empty space on east 3rd between 1st and 2nd - there used to be a psychic there, but they gutted the place to make way for new retail. please move in!!

g whiz said...

The old La Isla space on 14th bet. A&B

glamma said...

what about the vampire freak space on Ave A?

Anonymous said...

When will the EV get a Hummel Store? How long must we wallow in obscurity?

Anonymous said...

there's gotta be an underground hummel dealer somewhere in the area, no?

Anonymous said...

What about the record store that shut down on 12th st between a and b? The rent is 3500.