Friday, September 7, 2012

Looking for the plane truth

EVG reader M shares this photo that he took last night around 7 in the sky over the East Village...

It's a little grainy... but you can clearly make out two planes... M first asked if we had heard anything about two planes. We had not. "I guess it was nothing...or at least nothing we'll ever hear about."


Here's a narrative from M: "They were both flying in the same western direction, with the trailing plane gaining on the front plane. When I lost sight of them they couldn't have been more than a football field apart. And both were at roughly the same altitude from what I could see I'd guess 10,000 feet, so not a photo op type flight."

Any non-Lady Gaga-related theories? Like, fighter jets?


abrod said...

According to Gothamist, there was a "blimp parade" over the city last night, and their photos show multiple planes dragging banners (like the kind you see at the beach). This is probably that.

Anonymous said...

Going with fighter jets on maneuvers.