Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Putting an end to the sinking at the 1st Avenue sinkhole

The sinkhole that made its debut on First Avenue at East Seventh Street last week at this time is receiving some TLC from workers in a fairly large operation...

No word just yet when the sinkhole will return.

Photos today by Derek Berg

And yes — there is a nice sinkhole in the works on Avenue A and East Third Street too.


2:02 P.M. said...

It ain't no sinkhole if no arrows.

Anonymous said...

Pretty big one at Ave. A and 3rd Street this morning too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah there's a big hole in the middle of Avenue A at 3RD. By the way, any info on why there is a TON of traffic every day headed south on A starting at around 7th Street? It started happening recently, even on random weekday afternoons.