Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Last week for Puppy Love & Kitty Kat on 9th Street

Multiple EVG readers have shared the news that Puppy Love & Kitty Kat, the 10-year-old pet supplies and grooming shop at 420 E. Ninth St. between Avenue A and First Avenue, is closing this week.

No word what's behind this closure at the moment. (Thanks William Klayer, Steven and Barley...)


vshaweddy said...

Their last day is this Thursday (2/28). The owner said the rent is too high. Sad to see them go but hopefully they can find another location that is more affordable in East Village.

Unknown said...

Aw, really sad about this one. The British shorthair behind the counter was always the best, fluffiest greeter. Their food prices & specialty diet selections for dogs were always excellent, although admittedly the treats & other smaller items were marked up. But this was such a great stop between the dog run and our home. Guess we'll be going to Whiskers from now on.

MC said...

Sorry to hear they can't make it but can't say I'll miss the incessantly yapping dogs in the spring and summer.