Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Renovations and a 3-day rent demand at Bait & Hook

Bait & Hook, the sports bar on the northwest corner of 14th Street and Second Avenue, has been closed the past 10-plus days for renovations. (H/T Pinch for first sharing this.)

Meanwhile, as EVG regular Laura notes, a 3-day rent demand has arrived next to the Closed for Renovations signage...

According to the notice, the owners here owe $104,000 (and change) in back rent (and various fees) dating to October.

Bait & Hook opened in September 2012. The press materials noted at the time: "Bait & Hook offers a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere where seafood is the star. Diners can enjoy a reasonably priced meal without compromising high-end, quality cuisine and service."

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Giovanni said...

A laid back, relaxed atmosphere? Only if you consider total mayhem to be relaxing. They have eight (eight!) posts about SantaCon on their Facebook page, which tells you everything you need to know about their actual business model. Check out the videos of the overcrowded bar during SantaCon (can you say fire hazard?) and the one with Eagles fans singing the team fight song during a Sunday football game — this is not what I call a relaxed atmosphere. If bars can’t survive with these kinds of crowds (although the place alwys looked empty to me) then it’s time or Cuomo to legalize marijuana and let our landlords profit off of America’s #1 favorite passtime: getting high.