Tuesday, February 26, 2019

EVG Etc.: Curbing broker fees; celebrating Alan Vega and Suicide

[Avenue B plywood antics via Brucie]

The latest on the epidemic of NYC store closings, plus signs that some landlords are relenting and lowering rents (NYCitywoman)

City Council members Carlina Rivera and Keith Powers introduce legislation to limit brokerage fees for apartment rentals (CBS New York)

Celebrating the music of Alan Vega and Suicide at Bowery Electric tomorrow night (Dangerous Minds ... official site)

Politicos joins NYCHA tenants in calling for more federal funding (amNY)

"Russian Doll" and the late-night deli vibes (Eater)

Man with boxcutter keeps destroying the Phoebe artwork around the East Village (Instagram)

Workshops for the ECOLOGICAL CITY: A Cultural & Climate Solutions Action Project start on Saturday (Official site)

The hits and misses at Violet on Fifth Street (The New Yorker ... previously)

Tompkins Square Park through the years (Off the Grid)

The No Bar opening at the Standard East Village: "Can New York's Queer Nightlife Scene Feel at Home in a Hotel Chain?"
(Bon Appetit ... previously)

More about the Indian cuisine at Dhamaka, one of two full-service restaurants opening at Essex Street Market later this year (Eater)

A new restoration of comedy classic "Some Like It Hot" starts Friday (Metrograph)

Who's buying vinyl these days? (CNET)

...and the store under that Optimo Cigars signage on First Avenue between Third Street and Fourth Street is currently gutted...

Might be a good time to revisit the glorious summer of 2012... when the awning belonged to the unforgettable Pudgie's-Nathan's-Arthur Treacher's action-packed combo ...

[Photo from 2012 by Bobby Williams]

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