Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sunday is the last day for St. Mark's Comics

As first reported here on Jan. 29, St. Mark's Comics is closing at the end of this month at 11 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

The shop's Instagram account has announced that Sunday is now the last day (closing at 6 p.m.). Until then, owner Mitch Cutler continues to unveil some bargains from the basement on this self-described "farewell tour."

And as Cutler told me on Jan. 29:

"There are a number of things that contributed to [the closing]. I have been working 90 hours a week for 36 years, and I no longer have the wherewithal to fight them — all of these various reasons. It is challenging to have a storefront business in New York City for a number of reasons ... it is challenging to keep and maintain a retail storefront and there are enough impediments now that — like I said, I'm exhausted and can't fight them anymore."

The storefront is currently for rent.

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Anonymous said...

Someone SAVE the store sign please!