Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here's Garland Jeffreys and East 14th Street in 'The Contortionist'

Here's the new single/video by EVG favorite Garland Jeffreys — "The Contortionist," which Devereux Milburn shot near Jeffreys' Stuy Town home ... and featuring East 14th Street and Avenue C. Background vocals by Lou Reed and Savannah Jeffreys.


Crazy Eddie said...

The Stuy Town playground he walks by is playground 9, where the B-ball comp was and still is pretty fierce. Sorry, residents and their guests only. Cool song, nice musical history for Jeffrey as well.

VH McKenzie said...

Niiiiiice on all counts.

Our kids played soccer in the same league one season. He's very low-key, a gentleman, not a pretentious type. It wasn't until after I got home after chatting briefly with him on the fields at Pier 40 that I realized who he was.

Cool guy.

Love the local flay-vah.

LvV said...

Mr. Jeffreys is a gentleman and a legend. I interviewed him for my college paper (back in nineteen-coughity-cough) when Welcome to the World came out, and he could not have been more gracious, given my nervousness and probably-dumb questions. He is a righteous dude.