Friday, September 7, 2012

Hyatt Union Square entrance looking underwhelming (for now!)

At long last workers have removed the plywood from the front entrance at the incoming Hyatt Union Square on Fourth Avenue and East 13th Street... And! Five years in the making...

Well, OK. Obviously there's work to do. Unless this is supposed to look like a hotel you'd find outside a regional airport.

No, splendor and glory are on the way!

[Image from Archpaper via Curbed]

Not to mention the hydroponic bamboo garden and halo!



pinhead said...

Such a dramatic marquee!

Anonymous said...

I just love how the pre-existing classic bottom contrasts with the neo-fascist addition. This proves that ANY older building should not be torn down since there are no architects left. The top looks like it belongs in "Escape From NY 2"

Hotel Developers NYC said...

The Hyatt Hotel re-development is close to the original design.

What happened to the TOP RING ?

blue glass said...

there was a great bar/grill there many years ago.
relatively inexpensive with very good burgers.
no woo woo yelling and puking.
this is reverse progress,

BabyDave said...

Blue Grass -- I remember that place fondly. P.J. Kannen's or something?