Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Report: Jared Kushner closes on latest batch of East Village walkups

The Kushner Companies have closed on its latest parcel of East Village buildings, Real Estate Weekly reported today. This was the $28.75 million deal for 329-335 E. Ninth Street and 325 E. 10th St., previously owned by Icon Realty.

If our counting is correct, then this makes 28 (29?) East Village buildings that Jared Kushner and his comapny have purchased this year.

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Soon, we will all be writing our rent checks to Jared Kushner


Anonymous said...

Jeez dis kid's got some deep pockets. Kushner Village, I think that's what he ultimately wants.

Anonymous said...

20+ year RS tenant here, in one of the buildings Kushner bought from Shaoul. So far, so good. Received my renewal lease on time, executed copy promptly returned to me, rent checks being accepted. I have no real complaints at this time. Last but not least, no more aggravation from "Josh."

Rocky Raccoon said...

I"m starting to feel like Jimmy Stewart from a wonderful life. Remember the scene where the angel takes him through the town and it is all bars and dance halls filled with drunks and floozies. Mr. Potter owned everything.

Anonymous said...

See item #3 on CB3 Land Use etc. Committee calendar for this month -- the Kushner people are making a presentation on what they're doing (or something like that). All are welcome.

Land Use, Zoning, Public & Private Housing Committee
Wednesday, April 17 at 6:30pm -- Seward Park Extension - 56 Essex Street (btwn Grand & Broome Sts)

1. Seward Park Mixed Use Development-Check-in on upcoming RFP process (EDC & HPD)
2. NYCHA Land Disposition: process and possibilities
3. Kushner East Village properties: introduction
4. BSA 220-10-BZY II: 77, 79 & 81 Rivington St (B415, L61,62,63,66,67), application to facilitate the completion of a 16-story hotel (click item for info)
5. 515 E 5th Street: BSA variance applications (calendar items 245-12-A and 246-12-A) Appeal seeking a determination that the owner of the property has acquired a common law vested right to complete construction under the prior R7-2 zoning .R7B Zoning District and Appeal pursuant to Section 310(2) of the Multiple Dwelling Law, requesting that the Board vary several requirements of the MDL. R7B Zoning District