Thursday, April 11, 2013

Watch this guy go beserk inside Lebrini's Pizzeria on Avenue C

Bobby Lebrini, proprietor of Lebrini's Pizzeria on Avenue C at East Third Street, shared this video with us... the incident that takes place occurred about three years ago. (He filed a police report at the time; the NYPD has seen this.) He thought he'd share it for entertainment value... he's currently cleaning out his video collection. First of several, perhaps!

A few things. The set-up.

Man and woman walks into the pizzeria. She orders a slice. He doesn't order anything. And then she proceeds to break up with him.

The rampage begins in the last 30 seconds, if you'd like to move along to the end.

"I added music to lighten the mood a little," Lebrini said. "It's painful to watch for me to this day even though it happened three years ago. He never was caught and I'm pretty sure she is from the neighborhood, although I never spotted her again."

A few things for after you watch it.

Yes, that is shatterproof glass.

"He did break the two windows on the side doors, but amazingly the front window didn't break after two hits." The tab: 1 table, 3 chairs, 2 windows and 1 picture. "Approximately $1,500 that came out of my pocket because insurance didnt cover it.

"That's another thing — he didn't even buy a thing."


Neil from Ken's Kitchen said...

I beg of you don't say goodbye.
Can't we give our love another try?
Come on baby let's start anew
Cause breaking up is hard to do.

Doo, doo, doo down doo be do down, down

Anonymous said...

What are the cops gonna do or would've done? Guy has emotional problems. He needs help. Then again today's society wants its citizens to be the same and act like robots. Everything out of the 'norm' would be criminal. Would putting him in jail overnight or few days would recover or cover the $1500? He hurt 1 table, 3 chairs, 2 windows and 1 picture. Shit happens. Move on. If Hurricane Sandy were a person, she'd be in jail now too.

Makeout said...

Wow. What an asshole. Excellent soundtrack Btw...

Anonymous said...

re: the idiot who went on a tangent about "society wants everyone normal nowadays"? you wouldn't be one of the people who says crusties are good for the neighborhood by chance

Anonymous said...

Only the ones without emotions or problems aren't idiots, anon. 2:19PM. You're perfect.

Fipper said...

Hey anon 11:35 - I have emotional problems too, can I come over to your place and break some of your furniture? Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the oligarch who said shit happens stops by and reimburses the owner for the $1500 bucks that he had to pay out of his own pocket.

Oh, and then there is what constitutes acceptable behaviour these days.