Monday, April 1, 2013

What's next for the now-former Bar 82 space on Second Avenue

As we first reported on March 22, Bar 82 was shutting down at the end of the month ... We never did hear any official word why the neighborhood spot on Second Avenue near St. Mark's Place was closing...

Last night was the bar's grand finale ... Meanwhile, a tipster hears that the landlord does not want another bar or restaurant in the space... and is looking for "dry goods" as the basis for a new tenant.

Per the tipster: "So, Duane Reade? Chase? We could use a Chase on this block ..."


vzabuser said...

How about one of those clinics: You can't afford a Doctor..this joint will put you in touch with a Hospital directly- places?
sarcasm off

Dave - everywhere said...

Too bad. I spent an hour in there this past Christmas Day. It seemed like a decent place - nice people, low key.

Anonymous said...

The landlord has wanted a CVS there for years.

Lisanne said...

I was here last night at closing where I witnessed employees dragging a patron out to the sidewalk and then kicking him. They also threw a metal sign at him as well as a bucket of sand with full force. It was horrifying to watch. I hadn't seen such hateful thuggish behaviour since the 80s skinhead days. NOTHING WARRANTED this. I don't care how stressful the closing of this place was.

The owner was not there at the time. The bartender was screaming at the patrons to leave. It was unnecessary and really really sad. I have been at bars that close where there has been a feeling of comradary, not so here. It was UGLY>

I wish everything that these former employers do fails. They should be ashamed of themselves.