Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Joey Pepperoni looking closed on 1st Avenue

The Joey Pepperoni $1 pizza outpost on First Avenue between 13th Street and 14th Street appears to be closed for good. There's a space for rent sign above the $1 on the marquee... the phone number is also out of service.

This location opened in August 2012, and lasted nearly four years longer than some people anticipated. (The storefront was on the market back in the fall of 2014.)

If this is a permanent closure, then it appears that the Great $1 Pizza War of First Avenue is officially over. Many $1s were lost during this challenging time in which we witnessed multiple sidewalk sandwich boards … the introduction of $1 drafts… and the legendary dancing pizza menu woman.

With JP's closure, along with the July 2014 departure of the 2 Bros. Pizza next door, Vinny Vincenz can have the block back again. (There's still nearby cheap slice competition with Papa John's a block away.)

The Joey Pepperoni closed on 14th Street on IHOP Way in February 2014.

H/T Michael Ivan!

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I usually get my dollar pizza fix on St. Marks.

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Wonder if Vinny ups it's price on a slice again...