Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week in Grieview

[Photo on 2nd Avenue by Derek Berg]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Details emerge about the city's plans for HDFC buildings (Tuesday)

Out and About with Mark Seamon, owner of Love Shine (Wednesday)

Brix Wine Shop now open on Avenue B (Sunday)

Pardon My French team bringing Moroccan cuisine to Fourth Street with Chouchou (Wednesday)

Former David Barton space on Astor Place will become an 'elite' New York Sports Club (Friday)

Sixth Street retail space bricked up for residential use (Monday)

"The Art of New York Waste" now on display on Avenue A (Thursday)

Rustico has closed on First Avenue (Thursday)

JuiceGo opens on 9th Street (Tuesday)

On Third Avenue, rooftop cottage back in play, though now it's $19k monthly (Thursday)

Odin's East Village location has closed on 11th Street (Wednesday)

Performance at Vector Gallery draws heavy FDNY presence on Third Street (Wednesday)

Apartment listings at 250 E. Houston look to offer glimpse of former Red Square's future (Wednesday)

On CB3's SLA docket for March: The return of Mono + Mono and Poco's sidewalk cafe (Thursday)

A boutique office building a possibility for Broadway and 11th Street (Monday)

Haile Bistro looks to be closed (Monday)

Express Thali pulls into 2nd Avenue (Monday)

With court date looming, Babu Ji 'is taking a break' on Avenue B (Friday)

Stool just wants a loving butt (Thursday)

Bricks and penthouses come into view at Steiner East Village (Tuesday)

...and EVG reader Charlie Chen spotted this beaut yesterday on First Avenue... someone likely making room for the Easter decorations...


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Anonymous said...

Gettin' off on the right foot I see...

Anonymous said...

It's an arm and a leg, a leg in an arm.

Anonymous said... getting a leg up!


Jeremy Scott manbag?

Anonymous said...

More interesting: A cyclist in the background stopped at a red light. He even has a messenger bag. Bike haters take note!

Gojira said...

Anon. 7:08 AM, maybe if the sight of a bicyclist actually stopped at a red light the way the laws dictate, instead of blowing through it with no regard for pedestrians, dogs on leashes, baby strollers, wasn't so rare that you felt the need to call attention to it, there wouldn't be so many bike haters in the city!