Friday, January 11, 2019

EVG Etc.: City office for bad landlords; Secrets of the St. Mark’s Historic District

[Photo on 4th Street via Derek Berg]

City launching office to protect tenants from terrible landlords (Curbed)

Speaking of bad landlords, Mr. Mayor! This podcast explores NYC's public housing crisis (City Journal)

Mayor seeks vacancy tax on empty storefronts (Daily News)

And the deB says that bus speeds will increase 25 percent by 2020 (amNY)

The struggle to own and operate a restaurant in NYC (Eater)

Indictment for lawyer accused of sexually assaulting several women, including in the East Village (Post ... previously)

Secrets of the St. Mark’s Historic District (6sqft)

Check out the free activities at the Tompkins Square Library branch on 10th Street this month (Official site)

The need for an NYC Bike Mayor (Gothamist)

RIP Highline Ballroom (Brooklyn Vegan)

The Merce Cunningham Centennial continues (Anthology Film Archives)

The Academy at Metrograph series features "The African Queen" and "Eve's Bayou" this weekend (Official Site)

... this past summer, for rent signs arrived at Julie's Vintage, the eclectic vintage/thrift shop at 84 E. Second St. at First Avenue. A tipster tells us that a deal was struck with the landlord and the shop is staying put...


Derek Berg said...

Great news!

Anonymous said...

Proof that there is ONE landlord with common sense.