Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday's parting shot

Taking the monitor for a walk today on Seventh Street. Usually this time of year the salt used to melt ice on the streets irritates the CPU.

Photo by Derek Berg...

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DrBOP said...

Here goes.... portable Alexa?

....Wha bro? Just takin' my work home.

....CES intro vid for device that exterminates AI-assisted RSB's

....archived photo of Drumpf walking out of Border Wall meeting.
"You can eat my candy, but you WILL NOT use my monitor!"

....(add your own 'delic graphic overlay) and what you have here is
some kinda Bizarro World summoning of Charlie Chaplain as the
Machinery finally overcomes him.

....Dude's a video artist heading for the Paik/Bowie Trib.

....FaceFuck Perp-Walk.