Monday, March 18, 2019

[Updated] 2 reports of fires today

• 219 Avenue B between 13th Street and 14th Street. A fire broke out in the rear of the storefront this afternoon here that houses Revision Lounge. (Thanks to EVG reader @MerMerJ for the photos!)

According to Patch, about 12 units and more than 60 firefighters responded to the scene, where they had it under control in 45 minutes. One firefighter reportedly suffered minor injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.



• 340 E. 13th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. There were reports of a fire in an fifth-floor apartment here tonight on this block...

Not much information at the moment about the fire ... here are some reader photos...

[Peter M./East Village]

[Peter M./East Village]


EVG reader Jen Pace shared this footage...


Giovanni said...

The Revision Lounge fire on Avenue B looks like it was in a 1 story rear extension, just like the fire on 1st Avenue that destroyed Uogashi Sushi (near the Tree Bistro) a few months ago. What’s going on with all the store fires, and with these rear extensions going up in smoke?

The 340 E. 13th Street fire was on the top floor of the building, and the building’s super from next door said the damage looked pretty bad. The firemen knocked out all the windows on the top floor.

Anyway, we had two fires within 3 blocks of each other on 13th Street in the same day. Good job by FDNY quickly handling both of them, and by EV Grieve bringing us the latest news.

Anonymous said...

The videos on the Citizen app of the fire at Revision Lounge shows the entire back structure engulfed in fames and smoke. It actually took several minutes for the firemen to put water on the flames afyer they arrived as it appears there may have been some issue with a fire hydrant near the rear of the building. It looks like they finally came in through the front instead.

It’s very fortunate that the club wasn’t full of people at the time or we might be looking at anorher tragedy like the Happyland Social Club arson fire in the Bronx, or The Station nightclub pyrotechnics fire in Rhode Island. What good is it to have a Nightlife Mayor when what we really need is more Fire Marshalls doing inspections?