Monday, March 25, 2019

Timna announces April 14 closing date on St. Mark's Place

Timna, the Israeli-Mediterranean restaurant at 109 St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue, is closing after service on April 14.

Chef Nir Mesika shared the news on the restaurant's Instagram page Friday:

Four years ago, I‘ve had an idea to cook modern Israeli food, to open a small place with a small but dedicated staff.

We have invested all our energy in cooking and hospitality, bringing the Israeli essence and character to the plate, here in NYC. Timna was created out of thin air, built with our own hands. We’ve always kept our modesty and our feet on the ground. I promised myself and my clients that everything will be at the highest standards, to best of my ability (and budget), whether it's the food, our attitude toward the customers, and the employees who work with us.

Unfortunately, after four amazing but undoubtfully challenging years, we are forced to close Timna.

The restaurant will remain open until April 14th — so come and celebrate with us the years that we’ve had, and those that still await all of us.

This is undeniably a very difficult decision, which I did not really want to make but was really forced to make. Financial issues and all sort of disagreements have led me to deal with running the restaurant without support, to such extent that it can no longer be sustained.

I know that many people will miss Timna, I certainly will, but I choose to remember all the good things, embrace and learn from the bad, and realize that there is no choice but to move on to the next big thing.

I would like to thank my beloved staff who accompanied me all these years, each of you have added character and color to this place called Timna, and of course a huge thanks to our customers, coming from afar or from across the street. Each and every one of you who walked into the restaurant in these past four years would make me excited every day that you’ve chosen to dine at Timna.

Timna opened in April 2015 in space that was formerly an outpost of the mini-chain of Hummus Place restaurants.

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afbp said...

the restaurant owner 'culture' that seems to exist in the USA is kinda strange---maybe an adjustment is overdue---bring people together to enjoy your wonderful hospitality and cooking skills---STOP GOUGING your clients for a $9.00 bottle of wine with a $60.00 price tag :(

ed anger said...

Good shakshouka, but too expensive

sophocles said...

I think many businesses assume that money flows like wine in the East Village, and don't take into account that there is a lot a competition and you have to offer something exceptional or special to survive in the long term. Good food at good prices was once a recipe for survival, but its a tightrope walk for new restaurants with high rents. So we see high prices for good food, and that is not recipe for survival. I think Timna fell into the that category, based upon my two visits. Everyone does their own calculation as to how to spend their money, but overall the market seems to accurately assesses whether or not a restaurant is a good value. Hype can let you survive in the short term, but eventually the crowds move on if the food doesn't match their expectations ... or simply because they want to try something new.

BK said...

This is very sad. Great restaurant - one of the top in the neighborhood for both the food and ambiance. And definitely worth the price. It will be missed.

Anonymous said...

You clearly have no idea what it costs to open a restaurant in the east village. If you want to drink a $9 bottle of wine and only spend $9, you can always drink at home.

afbp said...

nope---i drink a $5.00 bottle at home and watch as restaurant after restaurant open then close their doors---i guess the owners have no idea either---BTW i owned and participated daily in a successful restaurant for 12 years in new york city :)

afbp said...