Sunday, March 31, 2019

Celebrating Hattie

[Image via Howl! Happening]

Friends of Hattie Hathaway, aka Brian Butterick, are gathering in Tompkins Square Park tomorrow evening for the start of "a giant sendoff." The downtown nightlife legend died on Jan. 30 from lung cancer at age 62.

Here are more details via the Howl! Happening website:

This public memorial of the beloved gay cultural icon will begin with a parade and continue to La MaMa’s Ellen Stewart Theater, 66 E. Fourth St., 2nd floor. Free and Open to All.

Drag March: Those wishing to join the parade and processional please dress for a “Second Line, or Drag March.” To find us gather in the middle of Tompkins Square Park ... Parade leaves at 6:30 p.m. Bring small walking instruments, i.e. wild womyn drums, tambourines; or pictures of Hattie.

Memorial: La MaMa.

Howl! Happening and Jackie Factory welcome everyone to this night of memories, performance, dancing, and celebration. Johnny Dynell will spin the Hattie-centric soundtrack along with remembrances, video, performances and other tributes. Video curator is Aldo Hernández.

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John Penley said...

I think Brian aka Hattie also organized the very first Wigstock in TSP with Lady Bunny. I did not know Brian died until I saw this. Hattie was definitely a nightlife creative force for years and because of that I and many others had some amazingly fun times at her events at the Pyramid and in the neighborhood. John Penley