Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Plans for an East Village outpost of the Wild Son moving forward; steakhouse no go for St. Mark's Place

[Photo of 132 1st Ave. yesterday by Steven]

As we reported back on March 19, Robert Ceraso and Jason Mendenhall are planning to open an outpost of their Chelsea cafe the Wild Son at 132 First Ave. at St. Mark's Place.

CB3's SLA committee gave their approval for a new liquor license on March 19.

The current tenant in this corner space, the Rolling Stones-themed Waiting on a Friend, which opened back in the fall (taking over the space from Colibri and VBar before that), is expected to close after Thursday.

The EV Wild Son will be open all day for breakfast and lunch, with dinner-drinks in the evening.

Meanwhile, Ceraso and Mendenhall, whose East Village credits include the Wayland on Avenue C and Good Night Sonny on First Avenue at St Mark's Place, had planned for a steakhouse at the former Mr. White space at 123 St. Mark's Place.

However, as Eater reported yesterday, CB3's SLA committee nixed a full-liquor request for that spot between Avenue A and First Avenue.

So, per Eater:

They felt the steakhouse concept would only work with a full liquor license and are now pivoting to something that could work with just wine and beer, Ceraso says. That idea is still in development and moving forward with the location is not a definite yet according to Ceraso. He also says plans for a steakhouse are on hold since it would require finding a new space.

So for now No. 123 will remain empty...

[The former Mr. White on St. Mark's Place]

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Anonymous said...

Even if I had the capital for such an investment, I would pass. I would NEVER open a restaurant in Manhattan by myself let alone with business partners. Its simply not worth the effort, time, or money. Too much drama, bullshit and unpredictability. No thanks. Our nieghborhood is a virtual desert of empty storefronts. :(

noble neolani said...

It's more about selling alcohol than good food in the EV today.

Anonymous said...

These dudes are a good group.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand I don't regret fewer booze-focused spots, but I really like the Wayland and would be happy to see another restaurant by that group I'm torn. Hope they can "pivot" in a way that works.

Anonymous said...

noble: There are so many great restaurants in the neighborhood, spanning the spectrum of cuisines.

Anonymous said...

good guys,great operators that stay local.