Monday, March 25, 2019

The Asian Taste awning has arrived on 3rd and B; China Wok redux?

[Photo by Salim]

On Saturday, EVG regular Salim reported that workers put in place the new awning for Asian Taste (hello Choc font!), coming soon to the space on the northwest corner of Avenue B and Third Street.

There is an unconfirmed reader report that Asian Taste is from the same family who ran the previous establishment here, the quick-serve China Wok that closed in early December. (A reader also spotted one of the former China Wok cooks helping with the sign.)

Upon its closure in December, there were rumors that the business was Cromanated via landlord Steve Croman. The for-rent sign arrived in mid-December.

Whatever the case, the family felt good enough to return to this corner.

[Photo Saturday evening by Harold Chester]


Neighbor said...

Everyone should try KC Empanadas next door! And EVGrieve you should consider doing a piece on them. Really great food and exactly the type of small business everyone encourages.

Anonymous said...

Agreed @neighbor I love them

EVid said...

I can confirm they are a small shop and there's usually an elderly woman making fresh empanadas at 8am to sell later on the day.