Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Citi Bike unveils new valet service on St Mark's Place and 1st Avenue; more to come

[Rando image via Citi Bike]

Starting today, Citi Bike is bringing some of its valet stations back into service ... in addition, Citi Bike is introducing several new valet stations in the neighborhood.

Background: Citi Bike offers valet service at high-volume stations during peak usage times. Each station is staffed by a Citi Bike rep ... to help reduce the frustration that riders face when arriving at a full docking station.

Here's the list of Citi Bike's new or returning valets in the area...

St Mark's Place at First Avenue (New)
Second Street at Avenue B (Returning)

Early April:
University Place at 14th Street (New)
Allen Street at Stanton (New)
First Avenue at 16th Street (Returning)

Early May:
Seventh Street at Avenue A (New)

And the valet service is ongoing on 10th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B.

More details are at this link.

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Unknown said...

Not sure why they call "Seventh Street at Avenue A" a New location....this used to be a valet station before they moved it to 10th street...glad it's back.

bill said...

This morning I was walking west on the north side of 10th Street just past 5th Ave. headed toward 6th Ave. There was construction on the sidewalk so I crossed the street and headed west on the south side of 10th. One hundred feet along there was more construction on the south side so I headed across the street to the north side. I had to squeeze between two Citibikes because there was no break from one end of the Citibikes end to the other. One think I loath about these ugly Citibikes is that they have no break from one end to the other.
Ugly and stupid.