Friday, May 10, 2019

A new storefront for A Repeat Performance, and word about the next tenant

[Photo Saturday by Dan Scheffey]

A Repeat Performance received a new storefront last weekend.

As we previously reported, the bric-a-brac shop at 156 First Ave. between Ninth Street and 10th Street is closing on July 31 after 39 years in business.

Store founder Beverly Bronson died last May. Sharon Jane Smith (pictured below), who has worked at the shop since 1987, has said that it's time to move on...

[Photo Tuesday by Steven]

So why a new storefront for a business that's closing in a few months?

Smith told EVG correspondent Steven this week that her friend, jewelry designer Lisa Linhardt, will be moving into the space after A Repeat Performance closes this summer. "So it’s not going to be the disaster that people think," Smith said.

Linhardt originally had a shop right next door, starting in 2008, but moved to Mott Street in 2013. She misses the neighborhood.

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