Friday, May 3, 2019

After another seizure, Desi Galli returns to service tonight on Avenue B

[Photo yesterday via @jimnobu]

Several EVG readers were alarmed — once again here — yesterday to find a "seized" sticker from the State of New York on the front door at Desi Galli.

This happened in late February as well, though the quick-serve spot selling Indian street food was back open at 172 Avenue B between 10th Street and 11th Street the following night.

In a quick email exchange, owner PriaVanda Chouhan said that she just got out of court, and the restaurant would be back open tonight. When asked if she has worked out a deal with the landlord so this won't happen again, she responded: "Yes — he finally lowered my rent!"

The sibling of the well-regarded Desi Galli on Lexington Avenue and East 27th Street opened here in April 2016.


noble neolani said...

I love this place and when I went there to get my lunch yesterday my heart sank. Glad to hear the owner Pria (whose is wonderful) worked out a deal. I encourage anyone who enjoys Indian food to patronize this neighborhood spot, we can't keep losing these small business.

Anonymous said...

Scuba Diva said...

I definitely will go there this weekend—you should too!

Anonymous said...

Yayyy. I love this place. It is a great value for quality food. I empathize with all the small business owners trying to survive in the east village. It’s not easy.