Friday, May 10, 2019

Capital One leaves the East Village

Capital One has closed its remaining two bank branches in the East Village. Wednesday was the last call for the outpost on 10th Street and Second Avenue (above) and Avenue C at Third Street (below).

Your CO banking business can now be done at the flagship outpost on Union Square. Or maybe the CO branch on Grand and the Bowery.

The Capital One on the southeast corner of Third Avenue and 14th Street closed in July 2016, and that prime spot is still on the rental market.

As noted in previous bank-branch-closure posts, this continues the trend where banks are pulling back from storefront services. Last June, The Wall Street Journal reported that banks across the United States have closed nearly 9,000 branches this decade "as more customers rely on digital tools to complete routine banking transactions."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to greedy landlords, banks displace local long-time stores businesses etc.
Then the banks leave - after destroying the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed the "landlord is raising the rent" part of the story. Business models change. And oh by the way, the low rents for mom and pops ain't coming back so lets all get over it already.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about that condo building at 14th & 3rd, where Capitol One exited and the building doesn't seem to be very active or interested in getting another retail tenant. I imagine that attitude will change when the condo-owners' rent-abatements end!