Friday, October 18, 2019

5 Napkin Burger unveils 5 Napkin Burger Express next door on 14th Street

[Photo from last month]

Toward the end of the summer, the 5 Napkin Burger outpost on the southwest corner of 14th Street at Third Avenue shrunk its dining-room space ... with workers carving out a new storefront next door. There wasn't any indication of who the new tenant might be.

The mystery was solved yesterday when the signage arrived for the new biz — 5 Napkin Burger Express, a quick-serve outpost for the chainlet ...

[Photo by EVG reader Jodi]

[Photo by EVG reader Laura]

This 5 Napkin location opened in February 2012.


tom said...

Hmm i usually just go inside to order take out.

Anonymous said...

Great move since Joes pizza is next door. Joes pizza won’t like it 😁

Giovanni said...

Unless they are cutting their $15 burger prices down to $5, I doubt that Joels Pizza will be bothered by them at all. If anything it may draw more walking traffic for takeout food.

Anonymous said...

Go to Joe Jr two blocks up for a better burger at a better price. Been to 5 Napkin twice, regretted it both times.

Giovanni said...

@8:31AM. Joe Jr is a great idea, an actual burger joint that doesn't charge $15 for a basic burger, or target customers for an average bill of $50-$75 just for lunch for two. I also tried 5 NapkinBurger a couple of times when it first opened since it seemed like a nice atmosphere to eat a meal in, but the food did not bring me back.

They should have found a real signature item to bring people back, like pommes frites with great sauces, or a killer warm chocolate cake like JoJos, but the problem is their main dishes are pricey and not as great as other touristy places like Brooklyn Diner or Junior's in Times Square. They should probably stick to locations in malls or tourist destinations