Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Police say these 4 suspects beat and robbed a man for $1 last Saturday afternoon on 3rd and C

The NYPD is searching for four suspects who they say beat and robbed a man on Avenue C near the southeast corner of Third Street this past Saturday afternoon.

Here's the narrative via the NYPD:

It was reported to police that on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at approximately 1225 hours, in front of 26 Avenue C, a 35-year-old male victim was walking when two individuals approached him and engaged him in conversation. The two individuals were soon joined by two additional individuals, who then all took turns punching the male victim until he fell to the ground.

The group of four individuals then continued to punch and kick the victim about the head and upper torso, before forcibly removing his property, consisting of his jacket, boots, sunglasses and $1 cash. The victim sustained lacerations and bruising to his head and torso and was treated and subsequently released from Bellevue Hospital.

The individuals are described as three adult females and one adult male, 20s- 30s; the three females have heavy builds, two of them carrying handbags, while the male has a medium build, facial hair and a full head of black hair. The individuals were acting in concert.

Anyone with information that could help in the investigation is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). You may also submit tips online. All calls are strictly confidential.


Anonymous said...

That corner has been bad news for a long time. Maybe its time to do something about it NYPD

Neighbor said...

What the hell is going on the East Village? With all of this crime popping up why aren't cops driving or walking the beat?! There's a precinct not five blocks from here for christsake.

Anonymous said...

Crime in broad daylight is out of control in the east village. We are constantly being harassed, threatened, yelled at, and even assaulted. The police can’t do anything because the Mayor is allowing this to happen. He doesn’t care what happens because he’s not walking around in the East Village. It’s like it was in the 80s. So much violence and so many mentally ill homeless robbing anyone they can in the area. It’s not just on avenue C. I’ve seen it all over. Insanity.

Anonymous said...

The cop shop on 8th and C is housing police, not the 9th precinct in charge of policing the Alphabets (they reside at 321 E 5th).

Anonymous said...

Not sure your 80s parallel is entirely accurate. There’s a few people in the neighborhood who might dispute this 😂

noble neolani said...

perhaps thugs feel emboldened by De Blasio's "don't arrest anyone for crimes which do not produce a corpse" policy. It's disturbing to see humans punch, kick and stomp another human to say the least. This will be a case fo "the usual" suspects since these creeps will be recognized since they most likely live within 3 blocks of the assault.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:15 his recollection is on point I grew up on 4th and Ave D...The WHOLE entire neighborhood was like this. Thanks to Mayor D'Assio it has all come full circle.

Anonymous said...

Scaffolding - this took place under cancerous scaffolding

Anonymous said...

I love the people who take the chance to bash the Mayor. He's a dud, but come on folks. I've lived in the East Village for 15 years: crime's nearly non-existent.

Anonymous said...

Scaffolding has been up on the corner for at least 6-7 years. It attracts some people who may be older and or/homeless, but also crews of nefarious individuals. It's become a menace - NYPD please do something.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been “verbally” mugged outside of the The Bean at 3rd and 2nd. The Starbucks at 3rd and 1st. And somewhere on 2nd ave between 9th and 10th. All 3 times at night between 8-10pm and in a 3 month span.

“Verbally mugged” meaning they said “give me your wallet” in my face. No weapon or aggression.(And they did not get anything from me).

The “muggers” were all middle aged black men. All wearing navy blue beanies and navy blue jackets.
(Describing them to keep you safe, not to cause any racial tension. I’ve seen one of the men loitering around 5th and 2nd every now and then - same beanie and jacket). Looks to be in his 40s.

I’m a young (petite) white female. Maybe an “easy” target since I’m small and gullible looking (Lol). I dress very plainly in pants and sweatshirts and do not carry a purse.

Thankfully not aggressive or violent encounters.

Stay safe and be kind.

Anonymous said...

That’s some description of the perpetrators. White, black, Hispanic, Asian? Nah the guy had a beard and a full head of hair. And the women were heavy. Gee that should help. P.C. is gonna be the end of us.

Anonymous said...

What else is there to describe about a person you saw for 10 seconds IN THE DARK while trying to get away unharmed? I described their approx age, race, and clothes. If I was trying to be PC I would not have mentioned their race or their description at all.

I mentioned for readers in the neighborhood to be aware because one of the men hangs around 2nd ave a lot usually wearing the same thing.

Police can’t/won’t do anything about it without proof of an incident.

What else could I say about them anyway? Moderately heavy? About 5’8. Come on.

Also had a man try to break in two years ago. Can I describe him in detail from what I saw through the peep hole?? Jesus

Anonymous said...

Sorry I just realized your comment was in response to NYPD’s suspect description and not a reply to my comment.

Anonymous said...

I was just at this corner tonight for over an hour because one of the men who hangs out under the scaffolding demanded that a neighbor give him her wallet (at 6:15 p.m.). He picked up a bike and acted as if he was about to hit her with it. She gave him some papers and a few dollars and ran away. She thinks she may have given him something with her address on it and is now going to the Bronx to stay with her father because she is so afraid the robber may go to her apartment. This woman essentially had to pay him off so he would not bludgeon her with a bike.

After she told me what happened, I walked over to the corner. Another neighbor was at 31 Avenue C PHOTOGRAPHING A DRUG DEAL when I approached her. She had seen some scuffling under the scaffolding about 10 minutes earlier and took a photo of the man who was the aggressor. She said he had been standing there for a while acting as if he was going to hit passerby with a cane, drumsticks and a bike for at least 20 minutes.

She called 911 and the 9th precinct. She was told to leave the scene. She told 911 and the 9th Precnicnt that we would wait until the police arrived and show them the photos. No police arrived.

After about 45 minutes, my neighbor called the 9th precinct again. The operator said that the cops probably did not respond because they "get lots of prank calls." WTF? There MUST be a cop or squad in charge of this corner due to the dramatic increase in crime there.

When she called back 911 AND the 9th precinct, both operators told us that since the alleged perps were gone that the police can do nothing. Of course the perps are gone because there was NO police response and there is no police presence! During the time I stood waiting with my neighbor for police response, 3 separate police vehicles drove by, not even one slowed down.

By the way, the young man who was assaulted under the scaffolding last week is developmentally disabled. He now has a major head injury. His family is doing their own investigation because the police are not doing enough.

Who is in charge of our safety on this corner?

The 9th precinct commanding officer is Commanding Officer: Captain John L. O'Connell. The Community Affairs number is (212) 477-7805. The precinct number is (212) 477-7812, however if anyone picks up the phone at that number, they will treat you as if you are a "prank caller." The 9th precinct phone receptionist and whoever is in charge of policing this corner should be fired. I write this as someone who has many cops in my family.

p.s. All 3 of my neighbors and myself have lived on and around this corner since the 1980s.

p.p.s. Business owners on this street have tried to get police responses to the crime. They have had all gotten similar responses to those that we received tonight.

Anonymous said...

A neighbor who was mugged in September on Avenue C and East 3rd got the same non-response from the cops. She was relentless and finally found some GOOD cops who seemed concerned about the Avenue C/East Thirds Street issue: Detective Michael Simms 929-334-7261, Police Officer Kevin Dwyer 917-900-7237 and P.O. Jason Samuel 929-920-1593. She made a flyer with their emails and phone numbers and posted it around the neighborhood.

She also said she contacted Caroline Rivera, but never heard back from her office.

The experience that the previous commenter wrote about being "verbally" mugged has become common for many women on Avenue C.

As your previous commenter wrote, I also lived here in the 1980s (and 70s). Not only is it becoming that dangerous again, but the criminals are not afraid to commit crimes against the community members because they (criminals) know there is no danger of being arrested.

Vehicles of undercover cops should be cruising the area or stationed right on the corner.

Scuba Diva said...

At 9:58 PM, Neighbor said:

There's a precinct not five blocks from here for christsake.

Yeah, but that's the housing police; I think Avenue C is served by the 7th precinct.

EV Grieve said...

This is within the confines of the 9th Precinct...

Blue Bayer Design NYC said...

Yes. I live a block from there. The constant occupation of that spot day and night by people drinking-drugging and carrying on is endless. I've spoken to the people at the deli across the street and they say the NYPD has done little despite multiple calls. This is a crime hot spot clearly. I can say that here in my building we had a problem and when people in the building engaged with NYPD and various people took on calling NYPD we did get results. People will continue to hang out and act out as long as they know there is no consequence. Keep up the engagement. Keep calling. Create a group text with you neighbors and the shop owners and take turns calling the numbers provided above in the comments. Be the wheel that squeaks.