Monday, October 28, 2019

[Updated] Daytripper has not been open lately

Updated 12/4: The bar has returned as Grinchy Tavern, a Dr. Seuss-inspired pop-up for the holiday.

Several readers have pointed out that Daytripper, the bar featuring beer pong, darts and foosball on the southeast corner of Avenue C and 10th Street, has been dark for the past month...

There isn't any mention of a closure — temporary or permanent — on the bar's website or now-private Instagram account. Google lists the place as permanently closed...

The owners of the East Village Tavern (the second iteration) changed the name to Daytripper in the late summer. The name change coincided with CB3's denial of East Village Tavern's application to extend their hours to 4 a.m. and add karaoke, live music and DJs.

According to the State Liquor Authority's database, the liquor license for the owners — St. Vince Group LLC — is active through June 2020.

The lone review of Daytripper on Yelp noted the following along with one star: "Very corny, and very out of place. I don't know why you'd open a college douchehole on Avenue C. Narrowing down your clientele that is the opposite of the culture of the neighborhood. Not enjoyable, and the TVs are annoying."


sophocles said...

Maybe if they were better neighbors they would have had a better business. As they East Village Tavern they were uncompromising and unresponsive regarding noise issues. They preferred to lawyer up rather than quiet down.

noble neolani said...

Last month I took a stroll down Ave C in the evening and was somewhat surprised by how much it had evolved or devolved into a bro strip. How depressing.

FunFoodieNYC said...

I can confirm that these guys have closed. And in addition, it should be noted that they've done so abruptly and in such a way that they've actually taken money for private events that they weren't able to hold because they're closed and all.

The Guides Association of New York City (a professional org and not-for-profit) was set to have a networking event at the bar on September 30th. We paid a deposit of over $300 to secure the date.

On September 28th, we received the following email:

"Unfortunately, we have to cancel the happy hour on Monday due to a landlord issue. I tried to get another venue to host but was unable to do so. We will work to get your deposit back to you as soon as possible.


Christine Tripi"

So we asked about our deposit when we were told there would be no possibility of rescheduling, and we were told on October 4th that would deposit would be returned the following week. It wasn't

On October 11th:
"I'd hoped to return your deposit by now, however, we aren't able to do so for at least several more weeks. We're in the process of working some things out and appreciate your patience. I will keep you updated."

I've responded that we're not a rich company but a not-for-profit and were closing out our fiscal year. Nothing.

Safe to say they're done for now, but I would definitely keep an eye out for these folks should they attempt to reinvent themselves yet again.

Anonymous said...

NuBlu across the street is awesome and brings lovely crowds. Not all is dark.

Anonymous said...

Stellar Yelp review.

nybrian5 said...

Seems they have resurfaced. (See link)Found this on FB today. Not sure where this is.

FunFoodieNYC said...

Thanks for the heads up, nybrian5!