Thursday, October 31, 2019

Looking for information on a hit-and-run from Saturday night

The following information comes via the EVG inbox.

A reader is seeking information about the driver-vehicle who struck his friend on Third Street at First Avenue this past Saturday night and kept going.

The hit-and-run victim, who lives on the Lower East Side, was skateboarding on Third Street around 9:30 p.m. She was crossing the intersection at First Avenue just as the light started to change. She had time to get though the intersection.

Meanwhile, according to the reader, a slate blue Hummer H2 with New York plates heading north on First Avenue — going at what seemed like a high rate of speed — "blindsided" the skateboarder and kept going.

"It is possible the Hummer technically had the light but basically was blowing through the intersection timing the light. The driver did not even stop after they hit her. Not sure if any witnesses might have gotten a license plate or, since it is a unique car/unique color, if someone knows the owner of the car."

And his friend?

"She is home now and honestly it's a miracle she is alive. She suffered a very serious leg injury that required a bunch of stuff that night and the next day and will again require surgery down the road."

He filed a police report at the scene, but is not hopeful after reading articles like this one about hit-and-run drivers getting off scot-free.

Info? Use this email.

The photo on this post is an example of the make and color of the Hummer.


Anonymous said...

it should be illegal to drive a car like that in the city

Anonymous said...

The NYPD should be able to find the owner of this vehicle they have access to video cameras all over the City which record license plates of any and all vehicles on City streets. Especially a unique vehicle like a H2 Hummer which you do not see that often in NYC.