Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Noted (dead rat edition)

A reader shared the above photo from yesterday on the SW corner of Avenue B and Sixth Street.

The dead rat on the ground with the garbage is still there today.

Per another reader, who spotted it while walking her son to school:

The outer garbage can and inside bin are both missing from this corner ... which is strictly residential and across the street from an elementary school.

I made a complaint with 311 and filed a service request with the Department of Sanitation. I was told that DSNY will respond within 7 days.


Anonymous said...

That trash can was missing on Sunday... Seems like an easy thing to fix, but nothing easy to fix ever gets fixed in the city anymore.

Anonymous said...

It could have been poisoned. If so, this is what killed the Tompkins baby hawks. It would be good to know if the school uses poison.

Anonymous said...

Glad for the arrow on the photo.
Otherwise, i would have thoiught; Wow! What a meanie!

Anonymous said...

Only one?