Thursday, October 31, 2019

Your chance to own a meat grinder and commercial juicer from the St. Mark's Market

[Photo by Steven]

St. Mark's Market closed at the beginning of the month at 19-23 St. Mark's Place.

As the top photo shows, the market, which opened in 2003 here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue, is mostly cleared out.

Some remaining items will be auctioned off today (Oct. 31) ...

You can find the list of the inventory for sale right at this link.

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bill said...

Speaking of 19-23 St. Marks Place, when is the scaffolding going to come down? It has been in place for over five years and is a blight on the block.

Anonymous said...

We already live in a meat grinder

Anonymous said...

Omg fleetwood meat grinder! I love stevie nicks