Thursday, October 24, 2019

A sign of love at the incoming Paloma Rocket-Carbone Pizza on 7th Street

EVG reader Chris Rowland spotted this illuminated LOVE neon sign outside the former Jimmy's No. 43 space the other day.

So we asked proprietor Jimmy Carbone what this was about.

As we previously reported, Carbone is collaborating with Graham Winton of Paloma Rocket for a new venture in the basement space here between Second Avenue and Cooper Square. The plans for Paloma Rocket-Carbone Pizza were put on hold during Carbone's health scare.

In an email this week, Carbone said that the two are still awaiting on the final approval from the State Liquor Authority.

As for the sign, he said "in these troubling times all you need is ❤️ LOVE." He explained that Winton bought a vintage sign collection, many of which will hang in the new space.

[Photo by Jimmy Carbone]

There isn't a firm opening date yet, but they are in the sign-decorating stage!

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Jimmy Carbone and Paloma Rocket collaborating on new venture for the Jimmy's No. 43 space


noble neolani said...

Spotted this sign yesterday, love it!

Anonymous said...

The neon sign looks incredibly similar to half of the the one that was hanging in the short-lived Lovegun, a former Williamsburg bar owned by the owners of Club Cumming and Bedlam

Anonymous said...

Good news, hope Jimmy and crew make it work and succeed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

agree with 8:22am, definitely looks like (is?) lovegun sign.