Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hold the phone: An AT&T store is coming to this corner of 14th Street and 1st Avenue

An AT&T store will be the new retail tenant for the southwest corner of 14th Street and First Avenue (237 First Ave.), per data from The Real Deal.

The lease for the 1,500-square-foot space was recorded on Oct. 10. No word on the rent or a possible opening date.

With this arrival, two of businesses at this intersection will be phone stores. There's a T-Mobile on the southeast corner.

The previous tenant at No. 237, Vitamin Shoppe, closed last November after nine years on this SW corner.

[Photo from November 2018]

H/T Upper West Sider!


Anonymous said...

TMobile never shovels their sidewalk in winter after snowstorms and it is really aggravating, especially given the problems—congestion, vagrants, flooding, piles of trash—that corner already has year-round.

On topic, good for AT&T I guess? At least we can expect it will leave the facade alone. I have always liked that building.

Anonymous said...

Not one person was reading a newspaper on my train this morning. Every rider (with one book-reading exception) was gazing into their little devices. When I looked over their shoulders, most were playing games or watching images move. What is the end game? If they can force you to take a vaccine, they can force you take a brain implant.

Gojira said...

My, what an *interesting* intersection that will make it - Stuytown on one side and two bland communications giants anchoring the kitty corners. Thank God for Papaya Dog, at least that brings some much-needed human life and color to the place.

Anonymous said...

Long Live Papaya Dog!

Pinch said...

At some point it would seem that the Northwest corner of the intersection will be razed for a larger development, especially as this corner is made up of several low-rise buildings and that the short, red building just to the north of Papaya dog has been vacant now for a few years now.