Saturday, December 7, 2019

Long lost photos of the Dead Boys live on at 72 Gallery

A new exhibit titled "Dead Boys 1977: The Lost Photographs of Dave Treat" debuts tonight (Saturday!) at the The Great Frog, 72 Orchard St. between Broome and Grand.

The opening reception is from 6-9. After tonight, you can check out the exhibit from noon to 8 p.m Tuesday-Sunday through Jan. 30.

Here's the background on the exhibit via the 72 Gallery Instagram account...

72 Gallery is delighted to announce "Dead Boys 1977: The Lost Photographs of Dave Treat." This solo exhibition by Cleveland native Dave Treat chronicles the early days of the Dead Boys who were to become one of punks most nihilistic and furious bands.

Treat was asked to shoot the fledgling Dead Boys’ first ever promo shot, which yielded a now-legendary alley photo taken in the ruins of ‘70s Downtown Cleveland, which was re-created by Glenn Brown in the same location for the cover of the band’s classic Sire Records debut “Young Loud and Snotty.”

While documenting the band, Treat accidentally crafted a stunning series of portraits of the then-bankrupted city, at a time when nobody — except the advance guard of punk — saw Downtown Cleveland’s decay as a fit subject for photography.

Treat eventually entered the construction trades and raised a family in Solon, Ohio, and discovered his long-lost negatives of the Bators portraits and the band photos almost 40 years later, while cleaning out a closet.

The folks behind The Great Frog created the gallery space in their rock 'n' roll ring shop and boutique. The Dead Boys exhibit is being held in association with the Cast across the street.

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