Sunday, June 7, 2020

Week in Grieview

[6th Street at Avenue A]

Posts from this past week included...

• Scenes from the start of Monday night's peaceful protest on Avenue D (Tuesday)

• "You are here profiting off of our fucking pain" (Wednesday)

• Lower East Side against police brutality (Wednesday) More photos of the peaceful protests (Friday)

• Remembering victims of police violence (Friday) And on LinkNYC kiosks (Wednesday)

• Metrograph and Club Cumming are open to protestors this weekend (Saturday) Performance Space New York is now a rest stop for protestors (Friday) On 4th Street, the New York Theatre Workshop opens its door to protestors (Thursday)

• Police shoot knife-wielding man in deli at 10th Street and 3rd Avenue (Thursday)

• Are you interested in volunteering to help East Village businesses? (Friday)

• Reader report: A curfew arrest on 11th Street (Friday)

• Restaurant windows smashed along Avenue A, St. Mark's Place (Monday)

• Here's the moment of the break-in early this morning at Alphabet City Beer Co. (Monday)

• The break-in at Khiladi on Avenue B (Monday)

• Noting another break-in, this time at Rue-B (Monday)

• Protests turn chaotic last night south of Union Square with reports of trash fires on 3rd Avenue (Monday)

• The aftermath of looting on the Bowery last night (Monday)

• More post-protest looting and unrest south of Union Square; Astor Place hit (Tuesday)

• Starbucks on Astor Place hit again; arrests reported nearby (Tuesday)

• 2 break-ins on Avenue A: Village Square Pizza, Tompkins Finest Deli & Grill (Tuesday)

• Anwar Grocery burglarized (Saturday)

• This weeks NY See panel (Thursday)

• 2 break-in attempts in 1 night at East Village Finest Deli (Saturday)

• A reminder about maintaining social distance and wearing a mask on 9th Street (Sunday)

• Something new for the walls at Ray's Candy Store (Friday)

... and Codex Books on Bleecker at the Bowery recently reopened... one or two people in the shop at a time... a few hours a day Thursday through Sunday...


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